about LOB

About LOB

Responsible Business League (polish – Liga Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu, LOB) is  a partnership educational programme of Responsible Business Forum and Orange Polska, PGNiG and Citi’s Kronenberg Foundation. LOB is made up a network of students organizations and a group of leaders – the ambassadors of CSR - who carry out projects promoting corporate social responsibility in the local academic, business and government environments.


the Aims of lob


responsibility as a standard in professional and private life


good business practices

LOB's Initiatives

Inspiring and developing young people interested in CSR within the Leaders
Developing Programme "Ambassador CSR"

Main projects

The largest seminar in Poland dedicated to CSR – Responsible Business Academy – is  a unique place for exchanging knowledge and experiences between business and academic representatives. It is also the sphere for inspiration and development  for its participants and recipients - active students and graduates interested in CSR. The Academy constitutes of trainings, simulations and discussions which enables a short time familiarization with the idea of CSR and its methods, but most of all, it motivates to look for individual ways of responsibility. 


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